It's T minus 25 days until Christmas, and unless you're that over-achiever that starts in February stashing away the "perfect thing" for each person on your list, you might be starting to feel a low-grade anxiety creep up about this time of year.

We all want to give gifts that are heart-felt and thoughtful and elicit all the feels, right? But if you're anything like me you put too much pressure on yourself and spend all your time thinking about what might be the best gift, and before you know it it's 9:30pm on Christmas Eve and you're at Walgreens buying mismatched heated slippers out of bin in the middle of the candy aisle.

Not that I know anything about that.  

Anyway. Don't sweat it. Granite Sports is here to help. We've got something for everyone on your list, even your impossible-to-buy-for-secret-santa-second-cousin. 



For your mom...

...who tells you every year not to get her anything: The Pagatonia Radalie Parka

This is what you need to get her to make up for all the years when you listened to her and didn't get her anything. She birthed you, raised you, and made sure you always packed a jacket. She's top notch, and she deserves a top notch coat. 


For your roommate...

...who started climbing last summer: The Needles Mini Climbing Guide 

This awesome insider's guide is written by the owners of Sylvan Rock Climbing School & Guide Service and will help your buddy get familiar with several classic routes in Custer State Park as well as some put up in the last few years. And if you really want to go all out, book them a day on the rock with the pros


For your BFF...

...who is always Instagramming her Chacos: A Kavu Rope Bag

There's a reason why you see this bag everywhere: it's cute and functional and is just as at home on the trail as it is in the local coffee shop. And it comes in a zillion different patterns, so you can get one too without everyone noticing that you're twinning. 


For your boss...

...who always orders her latte at 180 degrees: A Hydro Flask Coffee Flask

Because if she uses one of these guys, her coffee will still be 180 degrees at lunch time. 


For your husband...

...who travels for work, but also for adventure: A Patagonia Black Hole MLC 45L

It's a suitcase. It's a backpack. It's made of burly polyester ripstop with highly weatherproof TPU laminate and a DWR (durable water repellent) finish. It says "I'm profesh, but I'd also rather be outside right now." 


For your Uncle Bob...

...who visited from Iowa in July and schooled you racing to the top: A Black Elk Peak T-Shirt

There's nothing like a souvenir t-shirt to say, "My pride is still hurt, but I'm not bitter anymore."


For your crunchy...

...cousin, yoga instructor, mechanic, or self: Halfpint Naturals Products

Not only do they smell awesome and not contain all they things you don't need to be putting on your skin, they also work, and are handmade by our friend Lisa in Colorado. Throw a chapstick in every stocking, a lotion bar in every room, a Fishy Feet in your sock drawer and a Magic Muscle Stick in your gym bag.  


For your brother...

...whose quickdraws always go missing when you borrow them: DMM Alloy Offsets

Because you owe him, and these are on his list. 


For your girlfriend...

...who you are planning to propose to on Christmas Eve: The MSR Hubba Hubba Backpacking Tent

It's compact. It's lightweight. And it sleeps two. Nothing says "long-term commitment" like a piece of backpacking equipment that will last for years. (Recommended to supplement - but not necessarily replace - a ring.)


For almost anyone...

...who doesn't insist that "they don't do hats": The Patagonia Fitz Roy Bison Trucker Hat

This is our best-selling hat. And we sell a lot of hats. We figure the numbers don't lie, so this is a pretty safe bet for just about anyone on your list. Oh, and we've got it in four you can cover multiple "anyones". 


For the real tricky ones...

...and the procratinators: A Granite Sports Gift Card

Sometimes you just run out of time, or you can't remember which fleece pullover they mentioned, or you know that most of all they want to pick something out for themselves. We've got your back. Our gift cards come in amounts of $10, $25, $50 & $100 (custom amounts by request), are delivered by email, and contain instructions to redeem them at checkout. (Granite Sports Online gift cards can only be redeemed on our online store. To purchase gift cards that can be redeemed at our Hill City location, please contact the store.

Still stumped? Shoot us an email or stop by the store. We'd love to help you pick out just the right thing for that special someone. 

Merry Christmas & Happy Shopping!

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