I’m a simple woman. All I want in life is a pair of pants that fit: Something that’s the right length (short, because I’m 5’4”, but not too short).  The right width at the hips (wider-ish, in my case). And – perhaps most importantly – the right waist size (too small and you’ve got muffin top, not to mention it’s incredibly uncomfortable; too large and you’ve got the dreaded back-gap…and the friend hiking behind you will get more of a view than she was counting on, if you know what I mean) Oh, and they need to have enough give that I can scramble on the trail without worrying about splitting a seam. Also, I want them to be comfy enough to wear on an eight-hour flight, but pulled-together enough that I can go straight to a meeting when I get off that flight. And last but not least, can I please look like a million bucks while I’m wearing them?

Also, I want a pet unicorn that makes me coffee and folds my laundry, amiright?

Enter the prAna Halle Pants.


They’re seriously magical. They come in three inseam lengths. They’re just a little curvy through the hips, because – hello – we’re real girls. And, maybe my favorite feature, they have a hidden drawstring at the waist (in addition to a zipper fly and button closure) to accommodate all different body types. They’re made of prAna’s own Stretch Zion fabric which is light, durable, breathable, wrinkle resistant, quick drying, DWR coated to repel water and spills, and has just the right amount of stretch to allow for movement without losing their shape or looking like you’re wearing your pajamas for your whole backpacking trip. And the best part? You’ll look like a million bucks wearing them.

by Marci Eben King

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