Welcome to the shiny new Granite Sports blog! Let me introduce myself: I'm Marci, your somewhat-less-shiny-and-new Granite Sports blogger. I know what you might be thinking...that as the person who writes for an outdoor gear shop I'm probably a pretty hardcore girl...that I routinely camp in sub-zero temps, that I've summited a number of world-class peaks, and that I penned my first draft of this post in a weathered backpacker's journal while bivied off the side of El Capitan.

Now, if that's how you prefer to picture your local gear shop blogger, then by all means...just skip ahead to the next paragraph and we'll leave well enough alone. On the other hand, if you're looking for accuracy then I need to confess right out of the chute that I'm only mediumcore. In the trunk of my car is a tent I bought a year ago and have yet to take out of the package. I'm writing this from an arm chair in a climate-controlled coffee shop. And I've never climbed El Cap. (I am, however, wearing a superfluous down vest right now just to salvage a little street cred. So there's that.) Nevertheless, what I lack in BA mountaineering experience I make up for in love for the Black Hills, for exploring new places, and for seeing just how many miles, years, and countries a person can put on a single pair of classic black Chaco Z2's. 

So if you've come to this page looking for stories of Everest and K2 you may end up disappointed. But what I can offer you in the coming months and years (that is, if they don't find some NatGeo journalist to take my place after reading this) are tales of my adventures and misadventures exploring in the Black Hills and elsewhere, some trail reviews, some gear reviews and hopefully just enough inspiration to compel us both to shut off the computer and get outside every now and again. 


Feel free to leave comments here, or drop me a line at marci.granite@gmail.com to share some adventures of your own.

Thanks for stopping by!


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