Granite Sports Online

If you've been a customer of our Hill City Granite Sports location you may notice that we don't have all of the same product available here on our website as we do in our brick and mortar store. 

Our vision in opening Granite Sports Online was not to simply bring you a digital version of our Hill City location, but to expand upon our product selection and provide you with even more options than we can fit in our shop in Hill City. This also made it possible for our growing and nation-wide customer base to "shop local" anywhere, anytime, while enjoying the small town gear shop customer service they have come to trust.

That being said, we love special orders! If you are looking to purchase a product that you saw in our Hill City store just CONTACT US and we will do our best to get it to you! 

Also, we expand our online selection on a regular basis, adding new products check back often to see what's new!